My Weird Valentine

Valentine’s is such a weird holiday. We still can’t figure it out. N and I thought it was supposed to be a holiday for romantic couples. The roses, the big red heart-shaped candy boxes. But then I’m seeing tons of photos on FB of little girls with huge bouquets and red hearts whose Daddy is their Valentine. N says it looks creepy.

So now we are completely confused. If it’s a day of friendship and non-romantic love and you are supposed to give gifts and cards to friends, then why are all the cards so clearly romantic in nature? I couldn’t find any for Klara’s little friends at school. I’m not getting it. What is it that we are supposed to be celebrating?

9 thoughts on “My Weird Valentine

  1. Basically we distributed a whole bunch of generic cards with candy. Heart shaped smarties were a favorite.

    (Sorry for all the links).

    I think the exchange is supposed to socialize kids into the idea that it’s a holiday to celebrate (in an age appropriate way). After all it’s not like Klara is stuffing a turkey for Thanksgiving or buying presents for her cousins for Christmas yet.


    1. I’m by no means an anti-sugar fanatic. I don’t conceal sweets from Klara because I want her to have a healthy relationship with the concept of dessert. But this holiday is really too much sugar both at school and at the activities. I believe that everything is good in moderation but this is a total pig-out fest for very small kids.


  2. “What is it that we are supposed to be celebrating?”

    Consumption? IIRC it’s always had this schizoid vibe with kids giving semi-romantic cards to each other… it used to be that it topped out at young adulthood but I think maybe it’s more all ages now (the better to sell more crap?)


  3. It’s mostly a romantic holiday. However it has also morphed into a recognition of love all around. So there is a little annual tradition of schoolchildren giving all their little friends/classmates Valentine’s Day cards (these are usually sold in little boxes of 20-30 or so. Usually with cute little cartoon messages.) And parents will sometimes (though not all the time) give their children a little treat on V day. Another cute tradition is that families sometimes celebrate altogether and get something like a heart shaped pizza or some other themed meal/dessert.

    Of course V Day is completely a consumerist melee–almost as bad as black Friday in some ways. But it’s also quite cute. I actually like the children/family stuff more than the romantic love stuff. It’s too cutesy for adults but for kids, it’s quite sweet.


    1. My husband gave me 8 cans of Baltic sardines as a Valentine’s gift. I’m overcome with tender, romantic feelings because he knows me so well and went out of his way to find these exact sardines that I love. 🙂


  4. The whole Valentine thing is a ludicrously crass, commercialised and debased commemoration of an otherwise completely unknown Roman martyr. What he did to deserve it, nobody knows!


  5. At my father’s assisted living, at lunch today, each person got a Valentine handmade by a child at the nearby elementary school. They were randomly distributed. Mine was a drawing by one Matthew. It was actually really fun, you could feel the vibe of this sweet 6-year-old energy coming off of the card, that he had made for a random old person, and it was charming.


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