Quirky Sells

Nobody perceives being in a category of “extremely rare” in Myers-Briggs as embarrassing or negative, do they? To the contrary, it makes one feel good to hear that one is part of a tiny group of 0,8% of women on the planet. We definitely don’t inhabit the world where one is comforted by the news that one is so typical and normal that one belongs to the 89% of the folks in the world. (Except, of course, for disturbed individuals who, given the right disorder, might love such news).

Not only is quirkiness the thing to sell on the shrinking job market of the fluid, it is also helpful to strengthen the vision of oneself as so different from others that no real connection can be hoped for.

2 thoughts on “Quirky Sells

  1. Being rare is a big part of BM with 16 traditional categories (32 with the new AP that your link adds) about 3 % is average..
    I’m sure they’re not evenly distributed but part of the whole point is which unique type are you?
    It’s a little like an old astrology book I inherited from a cousin that cross-collated western and chinese signs for 144 rather just 12 signs (the cousin had used the book in his work, running political campaigns, and swore by it as a pretty good beginning point in sussing out the opposition).


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