Over the Transom

In private colkeges

students who don’t fall into the “athlete,” “legacy,” or “diversity” slots are called “over the transom.”

5 thoughts on “Over the Transom

  1. I had to look up what “over the tansom” meant. I’m still not sure I get it. Do they mean “unsolicited?”


    1. My understanding: “over the transom” means “We didn’t ask for them and most of them are probably crap but we have to pretend to take them seriously” (like unsolicited manuscripts).


      1. Yep. As recently as the 1950’s, before central air conditioning was standard, many office doors had a small window above them that could be opened for air circulation. The horizontal portion of the wall between the door and the windows was called a transom. People would sometimes toss unrequested manuscripts through the window without knocking or talking to whoever was in the office.


        1. A more disturbing part of the series is the mysterious absence of papa llama. Mama llama is there, grandparents are too but papa is never mentioned.


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