Tip Envelopes

What a great idea to place these little envelopes in hotel rooms. Hotel maids in this country tend to be extremely honest. They never take tips if you just leave the money for them on the night table. We have to write notes saying “Tips! Propina! Thank you for your hard work! Le agradecemos su trabajo tan duro!” and draw arrows toward the money. It would be great if a hotel provided the envelopes that remove confusion. There’s no need to be coy about the fact that these workers are ridiculously underpaid.


2 thoughts on “Tip Envelopes”

  1. Most people don’t tip hotel maids.
    People tend to be messy in hotel rooms in ways they aren’t at home.
    Because some people like to “test” maids or blame misplacing stuff on maids, they’ll clean around whatever is on a counter or bed as much as possible. If I’m in a place where there are maids I’ll put away my stuff for that reason.


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