Restaurant Adventures

My sister and her daughter are visiting us for the spring break. We’ve been to a bunch of restaurants: Indian, generic Asian, Mexican, Panera, Applebee’s, and Japanese. Klara’s absolute favorite so far is the Japanese. I thought I’d do great at the Japanese, but I never noticed that all the sushi have avocado, which I’m not allowed to eat any more.

8 thoughts on “Restaurant Adventures

  1. “All the sushi have avocado, which I’m not allowed to eat any more.”

    You shouldn’t be eating raw fish, either, unless you’re fond of parasitic infestations.


      1. There are several books by female authors available on Amazon with the title Sex and Sushi followed by a subtitle addressing the meaning of life.

        Did you publish any of them under a pseudonym?


  2. Fish for sushi is almost always frozen before use (especially here in the US), which greatly reduces the risk of parasites. Also, I don’t understand how the sushi all had avocado in it? Usually, it’s just fish on top of a pat of rice, unless you get a roll? I agree that Japanese restaurants are great for kids. My 2-yr old loves the miso soup and rice, and my 4 yr old loves the teriyaki chicken, tempura veggies, and sashimi. My husband is sadly not a fan of sushi, so we go as a treat when he is out of town 🙂

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