Easter Brunch

Wanted to go to the local Easter brunch. Checked out the menu:

Here’s our menu for the buffet –
** carving, waffle, and omelette stations
**8 types of salad
** Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs
** french toast bake
** bacon, sausage
** smoked trout crepe
** roasted chicken with mushroom risotto
** black and blue beef wellington
** orecchiette pasta with Sicilian lentil sauce
** roasted vegetable medley
** shaved Brussels sprouts with prosciutto and cranberry
** Duchess potatoes
** white truffle mac-n-cheese
** seafood gumbo
** chicken & wild rice soup
** breakfast pastries and assorted desserts

I can have absolutely nothing whatsoever on this menu before my surgery. Which is in July.

7 thoughts on “Easter Brunch”

  1. If it is not an unwelcome violation of your privacy, what kind of surgery are you scheduled for in July?


    1. Gallbladder. I have gallstones. So now I have to be on a strict low-fat diet. I can’t look at fish any because that’s all I’ve been eating.


      1. “Gallbladder. I have gallstones.”

        Ask your doctor if he (she?)’ll let you keep a few of the gallstones after the surgery. They make attractive conversation pieces if you set them in a little dish on your coffee table.


    1. I’m sure they are going to have either onions or bell peppers. And I can only eat them raw because I can’t abide the mushiness. I’m very weird.


      1. I hear you on the mushiness (I thought they would upset your stomach). I can’t eat many fruits (especially ripe) without getting a stomach ache (apples, pears, grapes; bananas kill me); I apparently have issues processing the sugars. Green fruits are OK, berries are always OK, as are apricots.

        People’s digestive systems are weird.


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