Magical Food

Everything hurts my gallbladder. Everything except for steamed fish and steamed vegetables. And I used to love them, but after eating them twice a day every day for months, I can’t look at them any more.

The only thing I can it that somehow magically doesn’t hurt me is food at the Indian buffet. I don’t know how it works because I’m sure it’s really not fat-free at all, to put it mildly. But it has no bad effect on me. It was the same when I had severe gestational diabetes. I couldn’t eat anything without my sugar going through the roof. Except for food from that buffet (obviously,I didn’t touch rice or bread.)

The only other thing that has this effect on me is borscht. But borscht is native to my culture, so that makes sense.

2 thoughts on “Magical Food”

  1. Perhaps it’s the Turmeric? I have IBS, and find that Turmeric tea helps when it flares up. It’s also used for many different inflammatory conditions. You can get it in tea and capsule form just about anywhere here in Manitoba.

    Indian food doesn’t bother me much, either. And it’s so good!


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