Happy Moment

One of the most wonderful moments in a woman’s day is the moment when she can take off the tights. It’s almost whether wearing tights just to experience the relief of getting rid of them.

2 thoughts on “Happy Moment

  1. Lol!! Yes, tights are so ridiculously uncomfortable. I would also say bras too. I have the right fit. It’s just that taking the bra off at the end of the day is like unclenching or something. I also use it as a metaphor for taking no more crap. For instance, hubby will ask something like “Are you going to do xyz so you can get (some sort of benefit)?” And I say “nah, I’ve taken my bra off on that one,” meaning I’ve given up on the benefit that doing xyz might provide. I don’t know if this is making sense without a more direct example.


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