The Perfect Breakfast

The perfect breakfast for me is the kind you get at a typical American diner. Two eggs overeasy, potatoes, sausage, two pieces sourdough toast, one for butter and one for grape jam. And an appointment with a laprascopic surgeon in July.

Obviously, now I can’t look at my perfect breakfast unless I call an ambulance before taking the first bite. I’ve been trying to get into cereals but there are so many that I just get confused. Which ones are not completely unhealthy? I love Fruit Loops but even I’m not so clueless that I don’t understand that they are not really food.

So, folks. What do you eat for breakfast? Even if I can’t mimic you, I can at least read about people enjoying their breakfasts.

Magical Food

Everything hurts my gallbladder. Everything except for steamed fish and steamed vegetables. And I used to love them, but after eating them twice a day every day for months, I can’t look at them any more.

The only thing I can it that somehow magically doesn’t hurt me is food at the Indian buffet. I don’t know how it works because I’m sure it’s really not fat-free at all, to put it mildly. But it has no bad effect on me. It was the same when I had severe gestational diabetes. I couldn’t eat anything without my sugar going through the roof. Except for food from that buffet (obviously,I didn’t touch rice or bread.)

The only other thing that has this effect on me is borscht. But borscht is native to my culture, so that makes sense.

Easter Brunch

Wanted to go to the local Easter brunch. Checked out the menu:

Here’s our menu for the buffet –
** carving, waffle, and omelette stations
**8 types of salad
** Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs
** french toast bake
** bacon, sausage
** smoked trout crepe
** roasted chicken with mushroom risotto
** black and blue beef wellington
** orecchiette pasta with Sicilian lentil sauce
** roasted vegetable medley
** shaved Brussels sprouts with prosciutto and cranberry
** Duchess potatoes
** white truffle mac-n-cheese
** seafood gumbo
** chicken & wild rice soup
** breakfast pastries and assorted desserts

I can have absolutely nothing whatsoever on this menu before my surgery. Which is in July.