Different Worldviews Meet

An important Cuban artist will visit my classroom on Thursday. I’m not only excited because it’s a great cultural opportunity but also because his vision of Cuba is clearly the opposite of mine, and it’s very useful for students to see that different worldviews exist, coexist, and interact peacefully and respectfully.

Plus, after hearing his Cuban pronunciation, nobody will ever complain that it’s hard to understand my Spanish because I speak too fast.

2 thoughts on “Different Worldviews Meet”

  1. I’m curious…how did you or your school manage to fund this? I’m at a SLAC that really doesn’t have any money to bring in any decent outside speakers like this. I’m jealous! ☺


    1. Our university had the clearance from Department of Homeland Security to bring in Cuban scholars and artists and for us to go to Cuba before most people did. So we’ve brought quite a few really cool Cuban delegations over the years. It’s always funded through a variety of sources, the current being the alumni association.


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