Korean Beauty Routine

Nobody needs to do the whole thing, of course, but it surely is fun. The only obligatory component is the last one.

1. First, the face is cleansed with oil wash and foam wash. Don’t do the oil wash if you are prone to acne, though. Here is a good duo. Use the tiniest of dabs and don’t lay into the pump.

2. Then exfoliate. I like Skinfood black sugar. It’s quite inexpensive, too.

3. The first two should be done in the shower. Then you get out, pat the face dry, and tone. My toner is the Bioderma Hydrabio.

4. And now finally comes the most important part which is the sheet mask. I’ve used all kinds, including the million and one Korean brands. In all honesty, my favorite one is the Moisture Bomb by Garnier. But I keep experimenting.

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