Sir Beeswax

This great quote is from Anthony Trollope’s novel I’m reading. The character described here reminds me of somebody – wink, wink – so so much:

He had no idea as to the necessity or non-necessity of any measure whatever in reference to the well-being of the country. It may, indeed, be said that all such ideas were to him absurd, and the fact that they should be held by his friends and supporters was an inconvenience. . . To him Parliament was a debating place, by having a majority in which, and by no other means, he,–or another,–might become the great man of the day. By no other than parliamentary means could such a one as he come to be the chief man. And this use of Parliament, either on his own behalf or on behalf of others, had been for so many years present to his mind, that there seemed to be nothing absurd in an institution supported for such a purpose. Parliament was a club so eligible in its nature that all Englishmen wished to belong to it. They who succeeded were acknowledged to be the cream of the land. They who dominated in it were the cream of the cream.


10 thoughts on “Sir Beeswax”

  1. This is a gender-reversal trick question, right?

    You’re obviously referring to Hillary, whose dreams of the U.S. Presidency “had been for so many years present to [her] mind,” ever since she was senior-class president at Wellesley College, and Trump was just a rich man’s son wanting to become the biggest businessman in New York.


    1. I was actually referring to myself. I do tend to have this mentality in my own profession, so it was funny to read the quote. But yes, I guess it would work with Hillary, too.


      1. Nah, you give yourself too much credit. I know from your postings that you aren’t capable of being anywhere near the psychopath that both of the candidates in the last Presidential election were.


          1. “How the presidential election got into the conversation is a mystery.”

            Not really — I think most people reading your website, which often comments on U.S. politics, would think off the top of their heads that you were referring to the most prominent person in America who meets virtually all of the criteria listed: President Trump.

            That’s what I thought, but then I don’t think very deeply this time of the night. 🙂


  2. \ I was simply comparing myself to an endearing character in a Victorian novel. How the presidential election got into the conversation is a mystery.

    I thought the quote was about Trump. 🙂


    1. “I thought the quote was about Trump.”

      me too! I thought it was about an approach to politics, you usually seem pretty hostile to metaphor and so it didn’t occur to me to make the connection parliament=universitys…


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