Toxic Veganism

Toxic veganist femininity shot up the YouTube HQ yesterday. The victims survived so it’s not insensitive to joke.

12 thoughts on “Toxic Veganism”

    1. I’m just happy that at least this once we’ll be spared the boring moans about toxic American masculinity. Plus, nobody was killed who didn’t want to be.


      1. Well, as someone said on twitter:

        I do love that the YouTube shooter was a Persian, vegan, YouTube hating, gun owning, Hitler quoting animal rights activist woman cos it’s totally confused the fuck out of those who wish to exploit this tragedy for their own agenda.
        β€” Professional Dick (@DickCoughlan)


      1. She claimed in one of her video rants that her videos were popular until YouTube started applying “filters” to their content, and that YouTube’s actions drastically cut the number of viewers and and payment from her ads.

        YouTube has now taken down all of her videos, of course — but her anti-YouTube video rant is still being shown on TV cable news channels.


        1. YouTube has in fact fairly recently instituted a broader demonetization policy. YouTube’s income comes from ad revenue, and the companies that purchase ad space on it were not happy with how little control they were getting over what kind of videos get their ads shown on – which is fair enough, there’s a lot of weird stuff on youtube and you want to have some control over the context in which your product’s viewed if that’s the service you’re paying for.

          It’s very unlikely that she’s been actively singled out by YouTube, but their algorithms are notoriously wonky and produce loads and loads of false positives, with videos being demonetized for non-existent adult content or taken off the site entirely for… Not even spurious, but oblique reasons. No one who’s videos are affected in these ways is really told what the specific issue is. And it is entirely impossible to contact any live human to explain what the issue was, let alone help in any way. Even people who are broadly happy with youtube as a service are pretty much left to divine meaning out of chaos.

          This is an anti-establishment girl, so I’m not surprised she didn’t mention it, but depending on how popular she was, YouTube ad revenue may have been her major source of income. If that suddenly dried up, for reasons no one really understands…

          Not something that mixes well with pre-existing paranoid tendencies.


          1. I’m sorry she went around the bend over it but the sooner people understand that becoming completely dependent for income on YouTube, FB, Twitter, or Instagram is deranged, the better. They don’t exist to make money for anybody but their shareholders. It’s a total – and an entirely temporary – fluke that anybody else makes any money off them.


            1. This isn’t just kids making bad personal choices. To the extent that the economy is becoming more about selling highly unnecessary luxury goods to people with expendable income, more and more jobs are going to become roundabout advertisement, and the more that’s true, the more they’ll all grow reliant on large digital networks and hosting services of some variety. (And the more the whole affair will grow fragile.)

              There’s an extent to which the interests of these networks and the people supplying stuff for them align. Networks needs stuff to get eyes to sell to advertisers; stuff that’s consistently put out and made with better production values gets more eyes; and so some people specialize in eye-catching.

              Any one individual or group has vanishingly small pull, sure, but in aggregate, the network is just as reliant on all these people putting their stuff on it, which means that while it can afford to ignore or push around a lot of people, it can’t really cut out all the ways to make a buck off it as a matter of general policy.

              So yeah. Violent vegans are inherently funny, I agree, but this whole affair wasn’t a one-off accident. This’ll happen again.


              1. Aswe say where I’m from, free cheese can only be found in mousetraps. These folks are freeloaders. They want somebody else to do the work and provide them with money while they play at their infantile hobbies. This woman was almost 40. And she had nothing in her life but these ridiculously bad and stupid videos. What a completely wasted life. And of course it will happen again. Entitled losership is in vogue.


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