Wedded to a Narrative

Every time I decide that Sarah Kendzior can’t get any sillier, she breaks her own record. I have no idea why she thinks it’s so cute to pose as a dumb airhead. And I don’t really think she is one. It’s a persona she cultivates.

It’s unbelievable that adult people are publicly expressing the idea that oligarchs Deripaska and Vekselberg can avoid losing money to sanctions because they had “so much time to move their assets that the effect is minimal.” What do they think these “assets” are? Loose pocket change that they can hide in a different pocket? Once the value of your company drops by 15% on the stock exchange – which is what befell Deripaska yesterday – there’s not much “moving” you can do to change that. And hey, Deripaska is extremely rich. But losing a billion in one day is hardly “minimal” even for him.

This is what happens when you get wedded to a narrative and begin to avoid all evidence that undermines it. Even people who are not naturally dumb begin to sound downright idiotic when it happens.


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