Special Occasion

It’s a special day for us today because we are ordering takeout. We haven’t done this in forever, so it feels ultra-decadent and requires a ton of preparations and discussions. We are doing Applebee’s carside because nobody else has anything I can eat, and we want to give the Indian restaurant a rest. Plus, the carside part feels even more fancy and decadent. I feel like I need to dress up for this meal.

The cause for this celebration is that N’s article has been accepted for publication in a very fancy place after 6 rounds of revisions. At one point, we couldn’t use any of the computers in the house because he was running his programs on them and we didn’t want to slow them down. I contributed by editing the article and, most importantly, the letter N wrote to the editors when they were requesting unreasonable changes. I edited it in the direction away from “you stupid dimwits, go stuff yourselves” and towards “esteemed colleagues, thank you for your valuable suggestions. However.”

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