Good Clothes

People who say it’s hard to buy good, fashionable, beautiful and comfortable clothing at a moderate price in large sizes don’t know what they are talking about. Even in our tiny town, we have a store that carries such clothes in sizes up to 30. If you are unfamiliar with American sizes, I’m between sizes 14 and 16. And I’m 193 lbs (and stuck there for months, but whatever.) So you can imagine how large 30 is.

All you need to do to find such clothes is to go to stores that are owned and / or patronized by African American women. At this store I’m talking about, I literally want everything. I can’t have everything because it’s a lot and also because I’m too small for many of the things. Which is quite a pleasant feeling.

I’m still traumatized by living in Quebec where store assistants laugh in your face if you ask for anything over size 10. So it’s gratifying to be in a more welcoming environment.

All this is to say that I just went to this store to buy one little item as a birthday gift to myself and ended up leaving with nine great items at $178 total. Two 👗, one skirt, 3 pants, and three shirts.


5 thoughts on “Good Clothes”

  1. I’m between sizes 12 and 14 and I just do all my shopping online. (And I would shop online even if I were between sizes 2 and 4: I personally vastly prefer online shopping.) And online shopping makes it so easy. If I had the money and inclination, I could buy a beautiful new piece of clothing every day of the year! I don’t understand when larger women say they can’t find clothes in their sizes in this day and age. You can literally find anything online.


    1. I can’t do online because I have no spatial imagination, so I can’t look at a photo and figure out if I’ll look good in it. Everything I ever bought online has been a disaster, so I just stopped. But it’s my own very particular limitation.


  2. I have trouble finding things of the right length, especially things that can’t easily be hemmed. Sometimes it sucks to be short. But I’ve never had issues finding things in the 12-14 range. There are several malls and large chain stores nearby, though, so that might be part of it. Finding belts is another issue, as they’re all either too large or too small.


  3. I don’t do online shopping unless I’ve already tried the thing on in person. But I long ago figured out the African-American store was the place for jeans and more. I am size 6-8. Cuts are better at the African-American stores, though.


    1. The clothes there are not dowdy, not preppy – I hate preppy – and not androgynous. You just don’t do androgynous with my figure without looking ridiculous.


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