Chinese Rabbit

“Good for you!” a woman in the checkout line exclaimed, looking at my purchases on the counter. “It’s 8 am, and after getting the kids up and taking them to school, I could use some myself.”

“What a strange reaction to green peas,” I thought. “She must like them a lot.”

And then I realized that she was looking at the humongous bottle of wine I bought to cook my rabbits. Normally I use sour cream but I can’t have any right now, so I got to get inventive. Rabbit tends to be on the dry side, so you have to infuse it with something.

I considered explaining this to the woman who must have decided I was a serious alcoholic but that seemed a bit insecure.

What’s really weird is that the only kind of rabbit I can buy here is “farmed in China.” This is crazy because we have crazy crowds of rabbits run around the area. Why nobody can figure out a way to hunt them locally is a mystery.


7 thoughts on “Chinese Rabbit”

  1. Wild rabbits can carry diseases like tularemia, which is a very serious infectious disease.

    But there is a season on them:

    Rabbit. From the beginning of November to the middle of February rabbit is open game across the state from sunrise to sunset with a maximum of four kills per day.


    1. “Wild rabbits can carry diseases like tularemia, which is a very serious infectious disease.”

      • Ah, I didn’t know! Thank you, you are a fount of useful information, as always.


  2. “the only kind of rabbit I can buy here is “farmed in China.””

    Very weird…. I remember seeing pel-freez frozen rabbit in various grocery stores for years and years back when I lived in the US. I never bought it (and never saw anyone buying it) but it was always there…
    I think the first time I had rabbit was in Poland and now I have it once every month or so… my current favorite recipe is from Malta and does involve a lot of red wine.


  3. In the UK I always see rabbit meat for sale labelled ‘farmed’ (presumably because consumers believe that they’re buying disease free meat (hah!) that way) but venison is always labelled ‘wild’ – do people think a Bambi farm sounds cruel?!?


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