Lovejoy U

What do you, folks, think about the idea to rename our university into Lovejoy University after we separate from shameless and evil Carbondale? “Lovejoy”, for those who aren’t local, is after our famous Elijah Lovejoy, a journalist and abolitionist who was murdered by a pro-slavery mob.

8 thoughts on “Lovejoy U”

  1. Lovejoy University

    Sounds like a wonderful idea to me! It could be amusing, of course, if people get upset about separation of church and state because of naming a state university after a Christian clergyman.


  2. In theory it sounds like a good change, but if it goes through there might be Simpsons jokes (the apathetic and cynical reverand in the show is named Reverand Lovejoy)

    Maybe including the first name Elijah Lovejoy would work… Elijah Lovejoy University


    1. I agree with Cliff, Elijah Lovejoy University sounds better than just Lovejoy University. You might also want to include State in there to make clear that it’s a public university and not some weird private school, so Elijah Lovejoy State University.


      1. I’d love to add “state” because many of our students are unaware we are a state school and say they are opposed to state universities. I’ve gotten a couple of people really upset when I informed them we were a state university.


    2. Yeah, people are saying that we will be able to sell a ton of T-shirts and mugs with a Lovejoy logo. 🙂 Which is not a good thing for a university.


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