You Can’t Help

There are some sites who are less extreme and which moderate violent comments, but I have visited no site that would provide real kind of psychological help for those men who suffer in loneliness.

This is a very dumb statement. You can’t provide psychological help to people who don’t actively seek it. You can provide psychiatric care against people’s will if you have them committed. But you can’t provide “real kind of psychological help” to strangers online who don’t think they need such help. You can’t even provide it to dearly beloved people you know very well in person. Only qualified professionals can provide such help to people who ask them to offer this service.

Another thing: people who don’t think they have a psychological (as opposed to a psychiatric) problem don’t have a problem. “You have a problem because your behavior bothers me” is a nonsensical statement. If you are bothered, the problem is yours. And you can either remove yourself from the interaction or accept the situation. Because you can’t “cure” somebody else.

As for the rest of the post, “women are horrible” is as popular of a narrative as “men are horrible.” The absolute majority of people who engage in it don’t harm a fly. Venting about these feelings either in oral conversation or in writing is actually a good thing. If a person is not inclined towards violence, no amount of angry websites, violent movies or video games can “make them” violent.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Help”

  1. I’m not sure those websites are for venting. If they were, the guys who visit them would feel better after getting that weight off their chest and get on with their lives. Those sites attract the miserable and they feed off each other’s misery. They are a breeding ground for resentment.

    So of course the author of that blog post can’t expect those websites to offer any real kind of psychological help. But, I don’t think the guys who visit those sites are suffering from something that can or can’t be cured. Psychological distress is a symptom of lacking a purpose in their lives. It’s not a simple psychological or psychiatric problem.


    1. As I said, my husband used to be on those websites a lot. He didn’t lack purpose in his life. But he was lonely and not managing to meet women. Men are not socialized to discuss with their buddies how they can’t get laid. Women are, so it’s easier.

      I’ve had a few of such men visit my blog in the past. They come in all angry but after a few kind words, they become fuzzy teddy bears.

      I’m sure there are a few crazy fucks on those websites who’d be just as crazy if the internet never existed. But I’m also sure that many are harmless, if not very happy, folks. Not being able to find a sexual or romantic partner doesn’t make anybody an evildoer.


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