No Need to Worry

Klara: You don’t have makeup today, Mommy.

Me: I have some makeup on my face. Just a little bit.

Klara (in a comforting voice): It’s ok, Mommy, don’t worry. We can wash it off with water.


Me: Look, there’s a squirrel.

Klara: Squirrels eat acorns. I don’t eat acorns because I’m not a squirrel. I’m a little girl. If I eat acorns, my tummy hurts, I throw up and Mommy has to clean my bed. I get sick, and I can’t go to school or to the park. I eat food. I can’t eat acorns, Mommy.

I’m sure I offered her this information in bits and pieces but it blows my mind that she could synthesize them into this long and complex narrative. I teach adults who can’t do that.


3 thoughts on “No Need to Worry”

  1. Wonderful!! Did Klara try eating acorns, or is her knowledge only theoretical? I actually think acorns are edible, but it is difficult to peel away the bitter inner skin. I think Cherokees make (or made) flour from acorns and make bread from it.


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