Corruption Close to Home

If that’s not corruption, then I don’t know what is:

Chancellor Carlo Montemagno’s daughter and son-in-law were hired for university jobs created for them, that they never formally applied for and that were never advertised, documents show.
While the chancellor proposes campus-wide cuts, his daughter, Melissa Germain, and her husband, Jeffrey Germain, began working in newly created positions.

By the way, this Chancellor is the fellow who is planning to hire unpaid professors. Cute, eh?

5 thoughts on “Corruption Close to Home”

  1. I’m totally unfamiliar with how / if people like Chancellor Montemagno are held accountable in academia. Is he likely to suffer any consequences for this behavior other than a few indignant letters from alumni?


  2. The Nebraska storm-in-a-glass-of-water case received such attention and led to questioning the college’s culture, while the Chancellor will probably face no repercussions. Am I right?

    Who can fire him? Can college professors do nothing? If they were organized in workers’ union, would they have this power?


    1. It’s not that hard, actually. We ditched our last Chancellor (the “people in China speak like a totally different language” person) in a flash by giving her bad reviews. Our board (which we share with Carbondale) is a good board, and it listens.

      But the faculty over there are so passive and demoralized, I don’t get a sense they can be bothered to do what we did and write a bunch of strong, well-argued, detailed evaluations (the one I did for the China lady was a work of art, I kid you not). You just need to get together and work on it. It’s not even that hard. While I’ve been here, we’ve ditched a bunch of administrators very easily.

      We can do A LOT. But we often can’t be bothered.

      I’ve been posting and raising awareness of the plan to hire unpaid professors like am Energizer Bunny. Where is anybody from Carbondale who is doing this?


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