Monday Link Encyclopedia

Here is what an honest job ad for am academic position looks like.

A really great article about a successful penis transplant.

NYTimes finally publishes a great editorial on opioid overprescription.

The field guide to consent. In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, I want to point out that I know of at least couple dozen cultures in the world that would find this guide absolutely hilarious.

Trump is making rich people at Harvard suffer in unspecified ways.

Great insights on the legacy of socialist states.

10 thoughts on “Monday Link Encyclopedia”

  1. Snipers killing unarmed protesters. The most moral army in the world, the only democracy lol.


  2. I had head about the transplant; I hadn’t heard that the doctors volunteered their time and that the hospital paid for the entire operation. I love that they did that — you don’t always hear stories like that.


  3. This is not a link, but I wanted to share something. I’m visiting a friend who’s chair at a top 10 engineering department. He collectively meets with junior faculty every few months where he listens to their problems and asks them for ways in which he can support their work. He says in the past few years it’s been insane. Most of them break drown and cry (both men and women). They cry that they’re not good enough to get tenure, they cry they’re not good enough, period. He’s being literally asked to be a mother. ‘Just tell me I’m good enough’. Not funding, not lab space, but soothing words is what they want

    The instability being brought about by liquid capital and neoliberalism is making its presence felt everywhere, it seems.


    1. The instability being brought about by liquid capital and neoliberalism is making its presence felt everywhere, it seems.
      Well, if it’s one of the UCs…


    2. Yeah, yeah. Drives me nuts because I’m not a touchy-feely person at work, and I just want to hide far away when I see it. I was evaluating another department last year, and people wept in my presence, over some minor spat with a colleague. It was not good.


  4. The campus PC police is out of control!

    Newly released documents show Virginia’s largest public university granted the conservative Charles Koch Foundation a say in the hiring and firing of professors in exchange for millions of dollars in donations.

    The documents’ release follows years of denials from George Mason University that the donations inhibit academic freedom.


  5. Very interesting, the concept of anti-citizen. But I also see this in people here. I totally see why USSR / similar create this, but it seems that liquid life (or whatever it is) also creates a version of it.


  6. <a href=”>’Modesty ponchos’ to be doled out at Dearborn Divine Child HS prom


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