This is a very weird article about millennial parenting. It has nothing to say about the relationship between parent and child and only talks about the relationship between parent and Google or Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Parennials”

  1. I swear many people don’t realize how different/similar are to their parents until they pass that life stage or are in it.

    It’s just funny to see people completely oblivious to what years of “stranger danger” and a steady diet of true crime series like America’s Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries does to their parenting styles. [No, I’m not a “millennial.” But the “Gen X” descriptions leave me out. ]

    The appropriate way to get random varying quality advice from strangers is to post to parenting groups; not from random strangers out in public. And yes, I’ve leant on strangers for advice and support I can’t get from my close social groups [about other things]

    These stock photos are hilarious.


    1. I’m such a typical Soviet parent (not in an abusive, horrible way, I mean) that it’s hilarious.

      I’m lucky because I can ask my analyst for parenting advice on any issue I need. He understands Soviet culture because that’s a full half of his patients for obvious reasons.


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