Answer to the Riddle

What the people in the photo want to do is . . .

. . . wait for it. . .

. . . mega drumroll . . .

. . . wait for it some more . . .

They want to win the Eurovision.

This is the Russian Eurovision team upon its arrival in Portugal for the contest. The lady in the wheelchair is the singer and the people around her are her team.


8 thoughts on “Answer to the Riddle”

  1. Okay, but what’s the significant of the Leninist banner, and who are the uniformed men in the old newspaper photographs?


    1. These newspaper photographs are the heroes of WWII. Russians feel that Europeans are not grateful enough to them for defeating Nazism. So they are trying to remind the world of this eternal debt of gratitude.

      Yes, it’s nuts. But it’s a major point for them.


          1. It says in Ukrainian, “proletarians of the world, unite!”

            They were also holding the banners of the Russian terrorists in Ukraine, so I guess the point they are trying to make is that Ukraine used to share their ideology.


  2. I felt some pity towards Russian Eurovision female singer. Is she famous? I have heard about the blind singer, but not about her, so I guess she isn’t that famous and would’ve never been chosen were it not for the political point Russia attempts to make and she must know it.

    Disabled are not in a super good position in Russia, so this seems so fake from them.


    1. “I felt some pity towards Russian Eurovision female singer.”

      • Let me tell you more, then. The Russians made a video of her song for domestic promotion. The video only features her from the chest up to avoid showing the wheelchair. It’s absolutely shocking because they completely erased her disability. In the video, she is all tarted up like she’s ready to star in the movie “Interdevochka.” It’s like disability is so shameful that you can’t even have it on screen. People’s tender sensibilities should not be hurt by something as tasteless as a wheelchair.

      I feel very bad for her irrespective of her political positions.


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