West Virginia

Blankenship conceded. Fuck. I wanted him to win because that would really compromise the seat. Winning West Virginia would be very symbolic.


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  1. Blankenship lost because Trump told West Virginians not to vote for him. Maybe Trump actually learned a lesson from the Alabama primary.

    I don’t see the Democrats learning many lessons, but at least they were smart enough not to resurrect Kucinich.


  2. “Fuck. I wanted him to win because that would really compromise the seat.”

    Yeah, that’s what the democratic establishment thought about Trump in the GOP primaries. Be careful what you wish for.

    lol @ economic anxiety. All the GOP voter wants is a leader who’s vile and cruel. This is the only thing that matters to these people.


    “A West Virginia man who lost three cousins in a devastating coal mining explosion that left 29 dead told ABC News on Tuesday night that he would be voting for Don Blankenship in Tuesday’s senate race.

    Here’s the thing: Blankenship ran the mining company found responsible for the disaster that killed more than two dozen people, and spent a year in prison for conspiracy to violate mine safety laws.”

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      1. And in any case, the showdown over Trump is unavoidable. Why put it off? If the people still massively want somebody like this, it’s important to know.


        1. I think they do. They do where I live, anyway. Not all, of course, but the majority. And no, they are not deluded about who it really is — they have made a choice. It may be a self-destructive choice, but it is their choice.


          1. This is important to know because many people expect a massive victory in 2020 and I think they are deluding themselves. If there isn’t a huge recession and Trump doesn’t suffer major losses in a war he starts, I don’t see why he’d lose the election. The economy is strong, the unemployment is lower than any time in the past 20 years, the Korean conflict might actually wind down. His opponents behave like the only objection to him is that he had sex with some dime-store whore 15 years ago. So what’s not to support?

            I asked the local handyman if he’s changed his mind about Trump and he didn’t even understand the question. He couldn’t be happier with his choice.

            We can pretend that we are all very much above it or we can try to articulate our own position on why we can do better.


            1. “His opponents behave like the only objection to him is that he had sex with some dime-store whore 15 years ago.”

              CNN has interviewed Stormy Daniels’s lawyer Michael Avenatti over SIXTY times in the last two months (over 20 times on Anderson Cooper’s show alone) — that’s more than once a day, and many times more that CNN has interviewed any single actual politician, democratic or Republican, on any government policy issues.

              Guess what the lawyer always talks about? 🙂


            2. There is of course from my p.o.v. plenty not to like but my level of commitment to democracy and progress is very rare. Part of what people like about Trump is that he is so undemocratic. This country is becoming a dictatorship and people do not care, cries my Scottish graduate student; they do care, and they call it freedom, I reply.


  3. By the way, this is interesting.


    “After the Roosevelt Institute event, he pounded the microphones for months as a vocal holdout against President Barack Obama’s $25 billion national mortgage settlement ― a once-and-for-all agreement to put the foreclosure mess to rest. Schneiderman said the deal was no good; Obama was sweeping too much bad behavior under the rug and going too easy on the bad guys.

    Then in January 2012, Schneiderman got his payoff: not a better mortgage deal but a big night in the spotlight. Obama invited Schneiderman to be a guest at the State of the Union address, where the president announced him as the leader of a new federal and state government task force prosecuting the fraud at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis.

    In this role, Schneiderman issued a grand total of zero criminal subpoenas against U.S. financiers. If you want to know why nobody went to prison for wrecking the global economy in 2008, the answer, in no small part, is Schneiderman.”


  4. Blankenship lost the primary because he’s fat Snidely Whiplash. Also Republicans want candidates to be vile and cruel to other people, not their specific group. Coal miners in West Virginia are the very definition of “us” to West Virginians instead of “them.” It crosses a line even the willfully delusional can’t ignore. Just remember Blankenship spent about as much time in jail as anyone convicted of intent to distribute/sale of any amount of weed.

    In several masturbatory articles about Richard Ojeda, the dude’s position is “I’m a libertarian who voted for <a href=”https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/10/10/in-the-heart-of-trump-country’>Trumpand now I want to run as a Democrat” also, “Pot will save West Virginia and fund its government.” [It’s not…terrible depending on how you feel about weed’s medicinal properties.]


    1. This particular bunch of the willfully delusional seem capable of anything. I don’t expect being in touch with any part of reality any more.

      I’ve been to West Virginia, and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I understand it can blow your mind to the point of voting for Blankenship but I want something better for the people of the state.


  5. At least some of the West Virginia teachers seem to like Ojeda
    Ojeda had blasted lawmakers about the 1 percent raise and introduced several other bills with the teachers in mind. One gave teachers a tax break for buying classroom supplies; another aimed to stabilize health care premiums for public employees; a third gave public employees a $5,000 raise over three years. The bills never passed, but Ojeda did advocate for teachers during the strike, giving speeches outside the Capitol and on the Senate floor, and voted for the final bill that ended the strike. During the nine-day protest, teachers sported T-shirts and carried posters with Ojeda’s photo and took selfies with him.

    In the end, teachers got the 5 percent pay raise for all public employees they were demanding, and the strike and its aftermath turned Ojeda into a hero to educators.

    Voters in southern West Virginia picked Ojeda over the three other Democrats on the ballot: Shirley Love, a state House delegate and former broadcast journalist; Janice Hagerman, a nurse from a coal mining family; and Paul Davis, the head of the state’s public transit system.

    Ojeda had raised the most money and snagged the endorsement of the state’s powerful coal miners union and the state’s teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers of West Virginia. His primary victory makes him one of the first national candidates to benefit from the teacher unrest that has hit several states.

    He’s running for the House of Representatives. His populism actually has something to it.


  6. Manchin can still win reelection; he won by 25 points in 2012. I think it’ll be closer this year but I’m still fairly optimistic. What’s most important is that Jenkins didn’t become the nominee; he could’ve hurt Ojeda downballot.

    Meanwhile in Ohio, idiot Dennis Kucinich was soundly rejected, and Jim Renacci barely beat a total nobody named Mike Gibbons. I’m not sure we’ll win the governor’s race but I have faith that Sherrod Brown can win against someone who looks like a used cars salesman.


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