Absolutely True

The child in question can be any age between 1 and 101.

A Russian mother is not on here but her reaction would probably be “OK, bye” as she races online to sell all the child’s belongings and his share of the apartment while he’s away and then to barricade the door.

A Russian-Ukrainian couple, as a result, is mega-screwed. Or so I heard. 🤔


5 thoughts on “Absolutely True”

  1. Polish reaction: Okay…. is that shirt clean? (ostentatiously brushes off imagined lint and straightens the child’s clothes) Maybe button up that jacket more and take a shawl or you’ll get a cold (it’s 28 celsius in the shade). Who are you going to see? I don’t know if that’s a good idea, their family is a little backward. Maybe a glass of tea and a sandwich before you go? Or I could make a sandwich to take with you so won’t spend so much money. If you’re leaving then take out this trash. Be sure to close the front gate I saw some suspicious people hanging out there the other day (runs to the window to watch the child and/or yell out the window “You left your umbrella! What if it rains?”



  2. My friend from Spain mom tells me about his stress-sponge mom who used to get anxious every time he ran instead of walking when he was a kid. ‘Xavi! Your ankles are weak! Don’t run too fast!’

    Narrator voice: “Xavi’s ankles weren’t weak.”


  3. Interaction I saw:

    Miami Cuban (late 20’s): Mom, I’m going to go on a trip with these friends (houseguests for the last couple days he was taking us home since we had no transport).
    Mother: ?Me estas abandonando, niño? ((My) little boy is leaving me?)

    Much drama ensued including threats that he might not have a home when he returned.


  4. That would 100% be my mother (Spanish). Literally!!! Especially now that I am not living in Spain. We have this conversation each time I visit her back in Spain and I have plans with other people that does not include her 🙂


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