Dry Picnics

Is it true that one can’t drink alcohol at a picnic?? I can’t drink right now because alcohol is worse than cyanide for cholecystitis but if it weren’t for that, we would have taken some drinks to our first picnic of the season yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Dry Picnics”

  1. Whether you can drink outside in a public area depends ENTIRELY on your state and local municipality laws. You easily find out the rules for your location on Google.


  2. What Dreidel says. For instance, here is varies by park. Some are dry, others are not. The latter are larger, with shelters that have running water and toilets, and are quite popular as spots for family gatherings.


  3. Are you asking in terms of etiquette (is it socially acceptable to have drinks at a picnic) or legality (is it legal to drink at your picnic location)?

    The first, I’d say yes it’s okay as long as its small amounts (a glass or two of wine or the equivalent)

    The second depends on both local laws and the culture of enforcement. Many university towns have relatively strict ‘open container’ or ‘drinking in public’ laws but tend to be very lax at enforcing them (basically ignoring it unless the people are loud and/or causing other problems).


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