I’m Yanny

I hear nothing but Yanny until I go to the very beginning of the Laurel spectrum. It’s very weird.

14 thoughts on “I’m Yanny”

  1. I guess I have strange hearing! I hear a distinct “Laurel” until just to the right of the center, then I hear “YEE-EYE” until the very end of the slide, when the sound develops three syllables “YEE-EYE-EE.” I never hear a “Yanny” anywhere on the New York Times link, but have heard both “Laurel” and a distinct “Yanny” on different television shows earlier today.


      1. Yeah, it reminds me of that “What color is this dress?” image that you posted on this website a couple of years ago, where everybody saw different colors in the same fabric.


          1. Here’s a smell test you can try on yourself. Take a small slice of an apple and a small slice of a pear. Eat the apple as you hold the pear up to your nose — and your brain will “taste” the pear.


            1. Wow, that sounds interesting. I have a great sense of smell, so it should work. I’ll try!

              Can I try eating asparagus while smelling salo? It would be amazing if it works.


            2. And here’s an unrelated test to see how many indented stacks your WordPress program will allow. This is the 5th indented post.


  2. “Can I try eating asparagus while smelling salo? It would be amazing if it works.”

    I don’t know. There’s probably a limit to how great the disparity between the food items can be for the brain to be fooled. What don’t you try it and post the results?

    Odor is a huge component of how your mind interprets “taste” — which is why people with badly stuffed noses complain that their food is “tasteless” when they have a bad cold.


      1. Nope.


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