Mothers Have Fun

I’m going to Seattle tomorrow to visit my BFF.

“So what are your plans?” N asks. “What are you going to do in Seattle?”

“We will lie in beds and watch Law & Order reruns,” I explain.

“But why?” he asks.

“Because we are mothers of small children,” I say.

“But what’s the point of going all the way to Seattle to stay in bed and watch TV?”

“Because we are mothers of small children,” I say.

“But you could do something fun, visit museums, go on a hike,” he perseveres.


Show me a mother of small children whose idea of fun is something other than to lie in bed and space out, and I’ll show you a pink unicorn.

12 thoughts on “Mothers Have Fun”

  1. So which sounds do you find more soothing? The theme song or the “chung chung” sound effect?

    The only show more soothing (and possibly toothless) is Father Brown or Murder She Wrote

    I enjoy Killing Eve because it’s ludicrous but…I’m angrier.


    1. I hate Father Brown because they perverted a wonderful original. And the leading actress on Murder She Wrote is so hideous, I get indigestion.


      1. Never saw the original or read the original stories of Father Brown. How did they pervert it?

        Angela Lansbury did play the handler-mother in The Manchurian Candidate, and there is a theory that the Murder She Wrote character is just a serial killer writing thinly disguised stories about her life.


          1. They don’t have all of them, but the first two Father Brown volumes are available on Project Gutenburg. And the Kindle version of the entire series is free.


            1. It was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. Of course, I was too young to understand the Catholic subtext, but it was still amazing to read. The stories are so eerie and daunting.


        1. Law Enforcement:

          In a small town like Cabot Cove, you’d think that the limited suspect pool would have enabled the cops to solve murders pretty quickly. But time after time, the Cabot Cove PD would arrest the wrong person, falling for clearly planted clues like a suspect’s hat being left at the scene of the crime, and ignoring obvious culprits like the guy in the corner laughing maniacally while steepling his bloody fingers.

          Sure, Jessica Fletcher would set the cops straight in the end, but not before the cops would tell her to “leave this one up to the professionals.” And just imagine what happened when the swinging queen of crime fiction was off on one of her many vacations. (Where people coincidentally were also always getting murdered.) If you live in Cabot Cove, you’re either going to commit murder, get murdered, be falsely accused of murder, or you’re a shit-stupid cop. Take your pick.


        2. “Angela Lansbury did play the handler-mother in The Manchurian Candidate”

          She was so great in that!

          “there is a theory that the Murder She Wrote character is just a serial killer ”

          I would be so cool if the final episode revealed how she set up all the poor saps to take the rap for her multi-year murder rampage.


    1. I’m sure you had fun!

      I still don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the opera performance we discussed because of my surgery. I really want to, though.


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