NYTimes: Was Kevin Cooper Framed for Murder?

The story of Kevin Cooper is horrific. I think everybody needs to read this report.

Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris are horrible people.

8 thoughts on “NYTimes: Was Kevin Cooper Framed for Murder?”

  1. For MaryAnn Hughes, mother of Christopher Hughes, the neighbor boy who would be 43 now had he lived, Cooper’s execution can’t happen soon enough.

    It was her husband, William Hughes, who found the bodies of his son, the Ryens and a barely alive Joshua shortly before noon June 5, 1983. Concerned that no one answered the phone and Christopher hadn’t returned home to go to church after his overnight visit at the Ryens, William Hughes set out to look for his son.

    What he found traumatized him and the entire neighborhood dotted with horse ranches and rural properties.

    His fifth-grade classmates, teachers, parents, brother, relatives and friends attended the funeral Mass for Christopher, a boy described as happy and carefree. Her family continues to grapple with the pain of losing him, MaryAnn Hughes said.

    “There is no new evidence,” she said in response to the clemency petition. “There is nothing that wasn’t given to the jury. This thing has been tried for 30-plus years through every avenue we have. Even when there was almost a new trial in 2004, when the Ninth Circuit Court (of Appeals) sent the appeal back to the district court in San Diego, the new things convicted him.”



  2. I’m happy your position on her evolved. Just a few weeks ago you were all ‘if the jacobin lefty people hate her then there must be something right about her’.

    Barring a few exceptions, District Attorneys are horrible people, and the public should rightly be suspicious of any DA running for office.


    1. This is an egregious case. I’m shocked anybody is considering running this sort of person in a presidential election. I also find it hard to believe this can be an isolated case.


      1. That’s the corporate-friendly Dem party establishment for you.


        “Most notoriously, she refused to prosecute Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s old company OneWest for numerous instances of almost certain illegal foreclosure, against the advice of her own Consumer Law Section, and has so far refused to say why. (She was also the only Senate Democratic candidate to get a donation from Mnuchin himself in 2016.)”


        1. I’m deeply convinced that things would be very different today if back in 2008-9 Democrats prosecuted the financial crimes that led to the recession and didn’t bend over backwards to service the white collar criminals. There was a lot of popular rage, and it wasn’t capitalized on or addressed.


          1. Bingo! Obama was and still is completely bought by wall st.

            It’s shocking how not ever being punished for crimes isn’t curing the crime problem at Wells Fargo.


            1. My husband had professional dealings with Wells Fargo and he says it’s Russia-style corruption that is so shameless and open that it’s scary.


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