TV Dinners

One thing where I was always Americanized is my love of TV dinners. Like in those boxes that you microwave and then eat out of the box. I especially like the Hungry Man brand because those meals are huge.

I haven’t had a single one for 11 years because N is horrified by them. I have no idea why because they are very nice.

It’s actually very common among people who are great cooks to like to indulge in something very junky. Of course, now that I’m gastrointestinally challenged it’s all gone but I used to enjoy McDonald’s meals once a year. I always wanted to try KFC and never got to it, and now it’s too late.

OK, this is getting depressing. Tempus fugit, folks, so carpe diem and get yourselves to KFC while you still can.

One thought on “TV Dinners”

  1. Where live, we have the country’s last Popeye’s buffet and people love it. Apparently Anthony Bourdain is addicted to their macaroni and cheese, and can eat it 5 days in a row.
    I secretly love chicken teriyaki on white rice as served in malls.
    There is a frozen Indian dinner I love, but now cannot locate.
    (I keep saying I am going to get a microwave. I’ve never had a dishwasher or microwave, but now see the point, and/but I want a food processor more.)


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