Seattle Food

Also, on the subject of Seattle, I need to mention that it’s the perfect place for people with gastrointestinal troubles. Because everything is so gosh darn healthy! And delicious!

There was this place we went to for dinner that has a dish which consists of broccoli. That’s it. Nothing but roasted broccoli. And it’s an amazing dish that left me almost licking the plate. Mind you, I’m an “it’s not a meal without a hunk of meat” person. I eat vegetarian for health reasons but it’s not what I want to be doing. That broccoli, though, man, forget meat, it was seriously hardcore.

I haven’t felt better in a long time. Here, every outing is fraught with danger and I never know if I’ll be laid sick by the food on offer.


2 thoughts on “Seattle Food”

  1. I think all the general consensus and jokes about how people hate broccoli stems from the fact that they’ve never had it done right. Roasting is the best way to have them, not steamed or (shudder) boiled.

    Brussels sprouts too. They need to be roasted, too. And properly, like charred on the outside kinda roasted. I could have them every day.


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