The Netflix Obamas

I’m happy the Obamas will be doing a Netflix show. It’s better than trying to push Michelle into politics.

Anything they do that doesn’t include her running for office is great. I wish somebody signed their daughters up for a show or a Hollywood movie to ensure they won’t run.


19 thoughts on “The Netflix Obamas”

  1. Well, as long as Hillary stays on TV showing Russian hats while she whines endlessly about the 2016 election, the Republicans will do fine in the 2018 mid-terms.

    I’m VERY encouraged by the latest articles on The Nation and websites. They insist that the way to Democratic victory in elections six months from now is to keep focusing on Trump and impeachment.


    1. “the Republicans will do fine in the 2018 mid-terms”

      Tell that to the two dozen republicans who’ve suddenly announced that they won’t stand for election in 2018. So weird. Their party has absolute power, yet these guys are retiring. I guess they really want to spend time with their families.


  2. Given current US politics are you sure the show isn’t meant as a vehicle to get one or more other Obamas into office?

    I’d say the key for democratic victory is to adopt the populist Bernie platform that actually resonated with voters rather than blame him for queen hillary failing to win the office (I’m still convinced she’s running).

    The neoliberal consensus is on its last legs as voter support for it is collapsing.


    1. In order to be competitive, Bernie or his substitute would have to stand up to the identity crowd. The identity crowd will try to shred them to pieces for something they said or thought back in 1942. Bernie or substitute will fold. The identity crowd will still not be pacified because it never is. And the campaign will be consumed with rants about all this while the economy will fade away and nobody will care.

      But yeah, I’d be beyond happy if the election were about the failures of neoliberalism.


      1. “In order to be competitive”

        To be clear, Bernie’s biggest enemies are in the democratic party (much as Trump’s were/are in the republicans).

        Where in the west are neoliberal candidates actaully generating enthusiasm? All the enthusiasm is for populists and nationalists (on the left or right).


        1. “much as Trump’s were/are in the republicans”

          Trump’s agenda has been 99% aligned with the republican party. Look at the lengths they’ll go to protect him. They’d prefer if his racism and sexism to be in a respectful tone, but that’s not a dealbreaker.


          1. What he’s been able to get down =/= his agenda. My prediction is that if he doesn’t get the wall built (which republicans don’t want because it’s easier to economically exploit illegals than citizens) the people that gave him the victory will stay home in 2020 the way they stayed home for McCain and Romney

            He’s Jimmy Carter all over again, trying to make up for domestic failures by dabbling in international affairs he doesn’t understand.


            1. He’s great at PR. He’s managing to sell North Korea as a grand success when it’s nothing of the kind. His opponents should watch and learn because they somehow manage to present even their victories as defeat.


  3. The Obamas can’t consider running — they’d lose the millions of bucks from their Netflex contracts. The Democrats have have finally gotten rid of the Clinton curse: Bill can’t come out and campaign for anybody because he’s finally fatally tainted with the #MeToo reality of his past, and Hillary’s neoliberal views ( which I mostly agree with internationally) keep getting buried under her, “Poor, poor, pitiful me, I lost because of sexism, Comey, Bernie, Russian collusion, poor staff, all those deplorables, etc.” hysteria.

    So all the Dems have left are special interest “Identity Politics” of their ethnic far-lefties who have no national following, and the ludicrous Big “S” Socialism (“free guaranteed income for everybody,” “free public college,” never mind the price) of the that old idiot
    Bernie, whom the Clinton die-hards hate, and what’s left of the Democratic establishment will never support.

    Trump has a rising economy, the potential possibility of major international successes in Korea and Iran, the increasingly popular tax cut, the likelihood of a total collapse of the Mueller case against him, and to date, ABSOLUTELY No credible organized Democratic against to counter him.

    So I’ll repeat: as long as Dems insist on running solely against Trumps’ “unacceptable” traits and on the overheated desire to impeach him at all costs — he looks like a shoe-in against incompetent children. 🙂


    1. That’s pretty much how I see it, yeah. All that’s left is for Trump to do is to give a big gift to the religious folks, and that’s it. The Democrats have to run a hard-core identity freak to avoid upsetting the excitable identity wing. But that will alienate everybody else.


  4. OT: I’ve just finished episode 6 of Okkupert (second season) and I’m team Jesper all the way (despite his flaws), Anita, chosen as a caretaker PM has gone full neoliberal trade uber alles, what won’t she do for the sake of economic theory? Nothing! And she’s kind of dumb…. she still expects the Russians to act rationally. I laughed out loud when she asked Siderova why they’re antagonizing the Finns… girl is seriously blind.


  5. Like

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  7. It’s better than trying to push Michelle into politics.
    You seem really worried Michelle Obama will run for office when she’s repeatedly said she isn’t interested in it and her pet cause was getting people to eat more vegetables. She wasn’t trying to sit in on cabinet meetings.

    I wish somebody signed their daughters up for a show or a Hollywood movie to ensure they won’t run.
    Well, if that worked we wouldn’t have had Trump(The Apprentice), Reagan (several Hollywood movies), Franken (SNL), Jesse Ventura (WWF), Schwarzenegger (so many movies), Fred Thompson (Law and Order)… (I’m sure I’m missing people..) run for various offices.

    Nobody who grew up in the White House is running for office. So relax, unless you want to worry that Baron Trump will run for something. Do you remember Eisenhower’s, JFK’s, Nixon’s, Carter’s, Clinton’s or Shrub’s children running for public office? [Shrub was an adult when his father ran for Vice President and President.]

    The children don’t have the charisma of the parents.


    1. “You seem really worried Michelle Obama will run for office when she’s repeatedly said she isn’t interested in it and her pet cause was getting people to eat more vegetables.”

      • I don’t trust anybody anymore. Not even the vegetables. I’m paranoid.

      “So relax, unless you want to worry that Baron Trump will run for something.”

      • I do! I’m deathly worried that it will be Melanka/Ivanka or Jared and Barron next.


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