Profound Reason

“Why did you scream at the pier today?” I asked Klara.

“Because I wanted to kiss my daddy and he wasn’t there any more,” she said.

They never freak out just because. There’s always a reason, and it’s often pretty profound.

All of a sudden, Klara became very difficult at bedtime. This was never a problem before, so I was puzzled. And then I figured it out: she’s afraid I’ll disappear. First, Daddy went away, and it stands to reason that mommy might also evaporate all of a sudden. So now I repeat about five hundred times that “when you wake up, mommy is going to be there,” and then she goes to bed.

3 thoughts on “Profound Reason

  1. The story in Israel in the last days:

    Why always Russians (or Ukrainians like here)? Why?

    There are cases of abuse by Israeli kindergarten workers but they do not murder kids.

    I think there is a need for a law forbidding foreign workers to work in kindergartens. Instead, our legislators talk about installing cameras in every kindergarten. To find about for sure she was no Israeli citizen one has to visit Russian Israeli sites. Hebrew ones only tell “23 year old from Ukraine”
    and I am also from Ukraine, you know.


    1. I’ll say one thing. If Klara’s daycare hired a Russian-speaking woman, I’d take Klara out immediately. My sister has some experience with Russian-speaking daycare workers, and it stank.


      1. It’s a cultural thing. We are culturally conditioned to be horrible with children. It’s a fact that we have to know and be careful about.


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