The Real #MeToo

A funny article on the increase of crimes against women in Germany:

And yet it is important that feminists try to walk this line and start to take seemingly impossible positions: defending the religious freedom of Muslim women who want to wear head scarves, while helping girls who are forced to do so, and addressing the fact that some men newly immigrated from Arab countries hold misogynist views — while stressing this is probably not the key factor that leads to crimes against women.

The number of “and yets” and “buts” is off the charts. Of course, it’s all the fault of feminists who aren’t too good at contorting themselves into “seemingly impossible positions.” They just need to contort more actively, and it will all be fine.

It’s also funny that the difference between “Muslim” and “Arab” seems to elude the article’s author.

3 thoughts on “The Real #MeToo”

      1. I’d started to write something longer and then realized it’s pointless. The whole silly thing is Duckspeak (from 1984)*
        It’s just a random hodgepodge of slogans devoid of meaning meant to solicit agreement from those who already agree with the same orthodoxy. To engage with it is to let it defeat you.



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