British Pool-goers

British guests at the resort are the best. They sit around the pool reading glossy new hardbacks about the royal family. And the genre is popular with people of all ages, it seems. They actually sit there and read stuff like Harry. Conversations with the Prince.

The whole thing is made especially weird by the presence at the pool of a gentleman who looks exactly like a slightly younger Prince Charles. I jump up every time I see him, it’s such a likeness. The gentleman is traveling with two pasty sulky sons in the high teens and a stunningly beautiful, young and clearly expensive wife. It’s like they are a traveling British mystery in the making.

2 thoughts on “British Pool-goers

  1. “British guests at the resort are the best”

    Do they do other typical British tourist things like sit around in the lobby for hours on end or buy giant bottles of vodka at 9.00 in the morning? I’ve never gotten the sit all day by the pool thing.

    Oddly, I like to go to places that have a lot of German guests (middle age and up) they tend to be mostly quiet (unlike Brits) and tend to dress normally (again…)

    I also enjoy speculating on other groups of guests (especially ones you see for several days in a row) and sometimes create elaborate backstories for them in my mind.


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