I’m very quietly boycotting the World Cup. I won’t be watching any games or finding out who won. It makes me nauseous to think about it, so I’m avoiding it. Everybody else should feel free to enjoy but I’m asking it not to be mentioned to me.

One thought on “Boycott

  1. Wonder whether something like that exists in America too:

    The organization pressuring Jewish women not to get an abortion

    Hidabroot, which started out 15 years ago as a small organization encouraging a return to religion, has become one of Israel’s largest associations, with an annual turnover of nearly NIS 50 million, a TV channel, an online matchmaking service and special departments against assimilation and abortions. Yedioth Ahronoth investigation uncovers the organization’s well-oiled system of intimidation, harassment and financial incentives to stop young women from terminating unwanted pregnancies.,7340,L-5286291,00.html


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