FB Commercials

Finally I turned on a TV – the three enormous flat-screens in our suite at the resort have been very underutilized – and discovered that Facebook is now running commercials on every channel promising to be good from now on.

I don’t know why they bother. It’s not like people will abandon them for any reason other than a more attractive social network rising to squeeze them out.

7 thoughts on “FB Commercials”

  1. It seems like all companies are on a PR apology tour these days. My TV is inundated with similar ads from Well Fargo and Uber.


      1. “What’s Uber apologizing for?”
        I was thinking taxi-driver suicides (about one a month in NYC now apparently) but I think it’s more about a driver beating up a passenger and/or a driver sexually harassing a passenger…


      2. Umm, everything? The adverts are vague as hell but Uber has been in the news for – abuse of employees by senior management, data privacy issues, abuse of drivers by Uber, abuse of passengers by the Uber drivers. The list is endless.


  2. FB has been very bad for me lately.
    They inundated everything with advertisement and ridiculous news and were not showing almost any posts from my friends. Once I hid/killed each advertisement, one by one, FB refused to show me anything for a while. Blank page. Sometimes not blank, but suggesting that I should make some FB friends.
    Selecting “most recent” as preference resulted in FB passive-aggressively showing posts that were at least 5 days old.
    Finally, I just wrote a post, addressed to “Dear Facebook”, briefly describing all the above symptoms and threatening that if this shit continues, I will unsubscribe. This actually worked. My FB is free, for the second day by now, of anything I did not explicitly subscribe for.
    I am not joking.


    1. Wow, good for you. That sounds like a great strategy.

      I did have a vague feeling that it’s gotten much worse and isn’t showing anything interesting any more, so I just stopped going.


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