FB Users

When people say Facebook has more than 2 billion active users, is it accounts that they are talking about or actual humans?

Crowds of people have multiple accounts on FB. My very tiny feed would be 30% its current size without these multiple accounts run by a single human.

In countries where there’s any form of censorship or political persecution, everybody has a bunch of FB accounts. Also, in countries and among groups where people aren’t used to the intricacies of American political correctness, users have several profiles because FB suspends them constantly for not talking like an SJW priss-pot at all times. Every single Russian-speaking or Ukrainian-speaking Facebooker I follow has been suspended and used a fake account in this year alone. Every single one. Including folks who post mostly about cats.

5 thoughts on “FB Users”

  1. I believe the usual metric is active monthly users, so accounts that have some sort of activity in a given month.

    I also know a number of people who have multiple accounts and all of them are Americans. I know several academics who have a “professional identity” and a personal account. I know someone who has had an account for her dog for many years that has never been reported even though that is against the rules. I know someone who has multiple fake accounts using names from her favorite novels that she uses to give herself some sort of gifts or points in an online game, she asks her real friends to friend the fictional profiles so that they don’t get flagged for being fake. I know a burlesque performer who has a burlesque and a regular account. I also happen to know a number of gay men who are involved in the leather scene (not my thing at all, but I know a bunch of them for various reasons) and they all seem to have a leatherman profile and a regular profile. Interestingly, the leathermen all seem to write long, rambling, emotional posts about how wonderful (or occasionally how horrible) all of the other leathermen are.


    1. My friend has an account for her dog that’s a private joke between me and her. It’s been up for years.

      I’m thinking I need two accounts because colleagues I’ve never even met in person are sending friend requests and it seems weird to expose people I’ve never even met to stories about my surgery or beach photos.


  2. Facebook has gone wild today – that’s a news article I saw this morning:

    // Hezbollah blocked from Facebook and Twitter: “effort to disrupt activity”
    The social media accounts of the terrorist organization were blocked without any prior warning, and the surfers were redirected to new pages that were opened or to existing backup posts. “Facebook and Twitter are trying to hit these accounts because of their important role in the organization’s activities”

    In other news, Uri has written a nice new column:


    And I also liked

    // Israelis, Palestinians remember life under British rule
    Shlomo Hillel served British officers warm beer so they don’t drop in unannounced and find his secret munitions factory, while Ahmed Jarghoun from Gaza still holds on to mandate-era document for a piece of land where Israeli city Lod now is.



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