OK, at least it’s not the Amy person. That one was all death to Roe and right now. Scary lady. So that’s good news.

What does anybody know about this Kavanaugh fellow? I was fixating on the Amy scare and failed to find out.

19 thoughts on “Kavanaugh”

  1. Good news!

    The Democrats commenting on Kavanaugh’s nomination on MSNBC and CNN obviously don’t like him, but they’re no longer screaming hysterically that “Roe is doomed!”

    Now they’re talking instead (and in a calmer voice) about lesser issues like the future of ObamaCare and whether Kavanaugh believes that a sitting president shouldn’t be subject to indictment. So it’s obvious that the Democrats are going to have a harder time mounting a serious fight against him.


  2. Like Dreidel said, this seems to be the money quote:

    In 2009, Kavanaugh wrote, “The indictment and trial of a sitting President, moreover, would cripple the federal government, rendering it unable to function with credibility in either the international or domestic arenas.”

    That a president under investigation even gets to nominate a SCOTUS is an embarrassment, but we’re used to those things by now.


      1. Also said that President Clinton should be held civilly and criminally liable, but of course changed his mind when it came to Bush.

        Just enough surface appeal to get through the nomination process, but an ideological warrior to the core. Your typical country club republican christian, white supremacist in the spitting image of Roberts and Gorsuch. These well-mannered ‘civil’ people are more dangerous than your standard batshit insane AM radio/fox listeners.


        1. I still think Coney Barrett was worse. Of course, it’s choosing between different shades of excrement, so it’s better and worse in that limited sense.


    1. “That a president under investigation”

      what precisely is being investigated (beyond his disruption of Hillary’s coronation)? I’ve never been clear on that, I haven’t heard anything that’s one tenth as bad as things the US routinely does to elections in other countries.

      is there evidence that hackers got into the voting system and changed totals and that that made a difference?


      1. I think he should be investigated for corruption. For the profit he and his family members are getting from the presidency. I think it’s absolutely shameful that this kind of corruption is going on. But that kind of investigation doesn’t seem to be happening.


      2. “I haven’t heard anything that’s one tenth as bad as things the US routinely does to elections in other countries.”

        If a liberal gave this answer, this motherfucker would cite that as yet another data point as to why they hate america.

        But Daddy needs to be protected, so it’s different.


        1. “If a liberal gave this answer”
          This is what you don’t get about the US, I’ve never known anyone (regardless of political orientation) who wasn’t well aware of at least some of the terrible things the US government does in its totally misguided and terrible foreign policy. The difference is that some will defend that policy if they like the president at the time. I haven’t heard too many progressives/liberals complain about the US destruction of Libya though it was a terrible idea and awfully executed and has increased the portion of human suffering in the world.
          Also personally I would never say a liberal who obsessed about the terrible things the US has done ‘hates America’. I’m more likely to thinking that progressives who single out the US as being somehow uniquely evil are simply redirecting their own self-loathing (and/or lashing out at mommy or daddy who they’re still too afraid of to confront).
          Foreign policy wise I tend to isolationism because US intervention has pretty much never done much good.


  3. “…enough surface appeal to get through the nomination process.”

    Definitely! And after Ginsburg or Breyer croak during Trump’s second administration — well, shouldn’t get too greedy, but the sun is coming up on a bright American tomorrow. :-


      1. ” Bright as a freshly laundered Klan robe!”

        Klan robes are black & white anachronisms, fantasy images as out of date as a flickering 1920s copy of that infamous B&W silent movie “Birth of a Nation” — as out of date as today’s illiterate white supremacists who frighten children by daring to call themselves “Nazis,” when the real German Nazis, for all their evil, conquered half a continent before they were crushed — and as blind as the rabid ultra-left identity-politics fools who believe that once their specific group (whether tribal as a result of gender, or color, or ethnicity , or in the case of Bernie Sander’s cult, by economic class), achieves a plurality of population, that suddenly all the “non-white” pluralities will miraculously vote as a unified bloc to crush the mythical evil white patriarchy.

        The good news is that Americans — ALL Americans of all stripes — being Americans accustomed to freedom, will do what they always done, and vote as free-thinking individuals for the common good that transcends gender/race/ethnicity, color/ and economic status.

        The coming new order in the Superior and Supreme Court system will allow the democratic process as outlined in the constitution, and voted on by elected representatives in state and federal houses, to make law based on the will of the people, rather than decided by non-elected partisan judges accountable to nothing but their own fantasies.

        Some of us older citizens may only see the early rays of the coming dawn of the return of democratic legislative law in the U.S. But those of you with children and eventual grandchildren should be thankful that America’s democracy has now again been set on its proper trajectory, and your heirs will live free and unfettered in the coming New American Tomorrow.


  4. They took up arms against the government. Tried to murder fire fighters.

    It’s a coming dawn of something, I agree.


    1. I have Stockholm Syndrome. Right now, I’m so abjectly happy that the SCOTUS pick wasn’t the scary lady that I can’t even react to this. Of course, I understand that this is precisely the point.


  5. Checks and balances lol.


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