OK, why is the friends post so popular? You’d think I have a thousand friends and they all read it trying to guess if it’s about them.

I’ll never get why some things get hugely popular and others don’t.

2 thoughts on “Popular”

  1. “OK, why is the friends post so popular? ”

    Because virtually everybody on this planet has a need to feel that they have at least some “friends,” but they all have a different opinion about what constitutes a “friendship,” and about what their “friend” owes them to qualify for that title, and what they have to feel or do in return to deserve their friend’s friendship.

    Also, a surprising number of people are ridiculously judgmental about whether a minor transgression or a slip or the tongue is evidence enough to end that “friendship.”

    Thus, everybody has a define opinion on this subject, and wants test the veracity of his /her opinion by running it past other people.

    I’ve always a very loose but practical definition of friendship. I never cared that much what an individual’s personal or political views were, as long as they were there to help me emotionally or physically when I needed it, and they knew that that could depend on me to willingly provide equivalent support when they needed it from me.

    Who cared whether they were Republican or Democrat, Christian or Jew or atheist, or about their orientation, or their “color” was — a term I destest –as long as we could depend on each other to provide genuine, heartfelt support when it was needed?


    1. I have a friend I go to for support. She’s brilliant at it. But many people are not good at it for a variety of reasons. I’m very understanding about it.

      What does turn me off is when people expect a mountain of support but don’t provide any. I used to enjoy playing savior but I got cured of that defect. So now I simply go away when this happens.


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