Zucchini Pesto and Asparagus Salad

The clean eating marathon continues! Here’s today’s meal:

Zucchini noodles with grape tomatoes and pesto sauce. The salad is a bit more adventurous. It’s shaved fresh asparagus with lemon and olive oil and shaved pecorino. It’s supposed to have toasted pine nuts, too, but I thought that with the pesto it would be too much pine nuts. Instead, I just put in some crushed garlic. The beverage is one of those drinking vinegars that I never tried before. The idea here is to try new things.

19 thoughts on “Zucchini Pesto and Asparagus Salad

  1. You actually use a separate salad fork and dinner fork for your meals at home? Impressive!
    (I only have four forks in my entire house.)

    The meal looks/sounds delicious, but the portions seem awfully small. Or do you have turkey legs off-screen like with your previous “clean eating” meal?


      1. Does the spiralizer also make pesto? I make it in the blender but have a theory that a food processor, with a broader bowl, would work better.


            1. That’s what I was afraid of. So I need a potato peeler and a mandoline, and not a spiralizer? Or all three, and forget the electric food processor?


              1. It depends on the goal. I wanted the spiralizer because I was spending a fortune on store-spiralized vegetables and they are not very hygienic. Now I can get vegetables at the farmers market and spiralize whenever I want. But not everybody is into these spiralized vegetables as much as I am.

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              2. I am heavily. I want spiralized carrot salad and spiralized vegetables to sauté. I also want cabbage sliced for coleslaw, and vegetables diced and chopped for ratatouille. If it were not so tedious to do all the chopping, I would have coleslaw, ratatouille, carrot salad and vegetable pasta spirals every day, as well as thinly sliced cucumber salad, both in vinegar and in yogurt. So it is mandoline and/or spiralizer and/or Cuisinart. The Cuisinart is the most comprehensive but it is a serious investment and I have been procrastinating buying it for decades now. The spiralizer is easier to face buying.


              3. For me it’s the cleaning and the assemblage. I know I won’t use it if I have to spend time on putting it together and taking it apart all the time. Plus, there’s the issue of the counter space.

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              4. So food processors have major cleaning and assemblage issues … hmmm … to take into consideration, yes.


  2. I’ve never even heard of drinking vinegar – I suppose it’s diluted and sweetened? Now that I think about it, being sweet and not too sour, proper balsamic vinegar should be easily turnable in some sort of vinegar lemonade – just add cold sparkling water!


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