Warren vs Bernie

During a campaign-style tour of the West late last month, Senator Elizabeth Warren did not announce she was running for president. But in private events and public speeches, her message about 2020 was as clear as it was rousing.

God, I hope not. She’s even less charismatic than Hillary. Plus, the Native American heritage story firmly places her in the cuckoo wing of the party.

I’d vote for Bernie unless he demonstrates that he’s in thrall to the party’s excitable Twittering wing. Meaning, unless there is a replay of the humiliating scene where he was pushed around on stage during his own campaign appearance. And given his age, I’d care a lot about the VP pick. If that pick is a nod to the excitable crowd, then I’m obviously not interested. In any case, Bernie will be a lot worse than Trump on Russia.

15 thoughts on “Warren vs Bernie”

    1. Extremely charismatic means that if she expressed ideas that are repugnant and unacceptable to you, you’d still find her irresistible and would feel a temptation to accept whatever she was saying.


      1. ” charismatic means that if she expressed ideas that are repugnant and unacceptable to you, you’d still find her irresistible”

        Yes. I remember my mother hated Ronald Reagan’s politics but still felt he was very, very likeable.
        I also remember reading an account of someone who hated Bill Clinton in the abstract and when she met him in person she found him irresistible and fascinating.
        Another description of charisma vs “correct ideology” came from someone comparing the speeches of Adelai Stevenson(sp?) and JFK
        After Stevenson: What a well thought out and impressive speech…
        After JFK: LET’S MARCH!!!!!!


        1. When I listened to Fidel, I knew everything he was saying was a vile, stinky lie. Yet I wanted to believe him because the pull of the charisma was so strong.

          But people often confuse charisma with agreement. They forget that a candidate, especially one with non-mainstream ideas, like Warren, needs to be able to attract those who aren’t already in agreement.


  1. According to several recent news articles, Hillary has begun dropping broad hints that she is considering running again. I don’t think the Democrats would be stupid enough to give her the nomination two elections is a row, but if she actually enters the primaries, her presence (in the debates, for ex.) could be highly disruptive.

    The Democratic primaries are going to be VERY interesting two years from now!


    1. Oh please. I’ve heard nothing from HRC “hinting” anything and frankly the first Google News result to that effect is a Townhall.com article. It’s tired and stupid.

      Nearly 2 years into the Trump presidency, Fox News is still obsessed with Hillary Clinton
      With Trump fighting off scandals, Fox News still needs the “Hillary” villain.

      Hillary Clinton has played no active role in our politics since she lost the 2016 presidential election. She has watched from the sidelines as Donald Trump writes one of the most scandal-plagued chapters of the American presidency.

      But on Fox News, the character “Hillary Clinton” still plays a crucial part in the story.

      I call her a character because the value Fox News finds in Clinton is largely a narrative one. Fox News has devoted itself to painting Trump as a protagonist, which can be hard given the scandals, the incompetence, and the cruelty. But with the perfectly crafted villain, anyone can be made a hero.

      And that villain is, still, Hillary Clinton.

      Since Trump’s inauguration, Fox News has consistently covered Clinton more than other cable news channels — by a wide margin….
      And it’s not like Clinton has generated news. Rather, Fox News has often used Clinton as a non sequitur.

      When Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was confronted by protestors during dinner because of her role in the separation of immigrant families, Fox News host Sean Hannity’s reaction was: “Hillary? Nancy Pelosi? Elizabeth Warren? Where are you?”
      When Fox News ran out of Clinton news to cover in January, it sent Jeanine Pirro to a dry cleaner near Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York, where she asked strangers about Clinton’s pantsuits.
      The day Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retired, Hannity explored an alternate universe: “Hillary Rodham Clinton now would be making now a second appointment in the terms of the judicial courts of American history.” Hannity believed Trump would pick a replacement who would uphold the Constitution, which is “sadly the exact opposite of what Democrats and people like Hillary would want.”…


    2. Yes, if it weren’t for that evil Fox News Channel, poor Hillary wouldn’t be getting any publicity at all! 🙂


  2. \ In any case, Bernie will be a lot worse than Trump on Russia.

    Since the relations with Russia play such an important role for you, I started wondering whether you may be tempted to vote for Trump.

    He is better for you in foreign policy issues, he is better for you economically, and you said abortion is no real problem anymore anyway. I know Trump uses anti-immigrant slogans, but I do not believe he makes people more racist, especially when some of those same people voted twice for Obama. Are there not-identity related, rational reasons not to vote for him for you? 🙂

    Also, after reading about books Trump wants to hide, I thought about Netanyahu who is criticized but is probably more supported than Trump in his country since I have never heard of such “dances” around him. Israeli opposition is not obsessed with Netanyahu like that.


    1. I don’t want to vote for Trump. And I’m willing to sacrifice an important issue to me, which is Russia, to vote Democrat. However, there is a crazy wing to the Democrat party that I’m scared of. I find it dangerous to me and things I care about. I won’t vote for anybody who represents the crazy wing even if that means Trump will win. I’m not going to self-immolate in this way, and nobody can blame me.


  3. I won’t vote for anybody who represents the crazy wing even if that means Trump will win.

    The “crazy wing”:

    I wonder what el thinks of this program endorsed by current and former elected Republicans and spokespeople.


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