For Teachers

Why are products made for teachers so often garish and infantilizing? I was sent this planner to try out, and it feels like it’s made for a 9-year-old. Does anybody really want to be seen with this thing in a professional setting?

Besides, my eyes hurt enough already from all the reading and grading. Who needs to stare at all this visual cacophony during teaching?

Working with kids doesn’t make one developmentally challenged. To the contrary, teachers tend to be psychologically more mature than their age.

9 thoughts on “For Teachers”

  1. This is just visually offensive to me. Everything clashes.

    It reminds me of bullet journal walkthroughs. There’s an an attempt to reproduce all of the things in a preprinted planner, which I find pointless.

    I tend to go for the “simple” layouts because I just need to not take much time to put down information and I don’t want a whole bunch of associated paraphenelia [stamps, stickers, scissors, etc] necessary to organize the information. If it turns into an art project my mind rebels at the cookie cutter nature of these “looks” these women (and it’s mostly women) try to make.
    For some people it’s soothing but for me it provokes anxiety. :-p


  2. Because it’s aimed at women (most teachers are women) and stuff marketed at women tends to be infantilized and pinkified. Bleurgh.


  3. The colours and patterns are very bold, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea for sure. I think stuff like this appeals more to visually oriented people.
    I wouldn’t necessarily call it “infantilizing”; after all, why should items for adults be plain and boring?


    1. You can get away from plain and boring without needing to use a font that looks like something a teenager would pick. Sure, people have different tastes, but I stand by my opinion that things marketed towards women tend to come mostly in pink (which is infantilizing pretty much in itself).


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