Nasty, Miserable People

At the speech he addressed to Russian ambassadors, Putin said he was going to help Trump fight against Democrats because Democrats are nasty, miserable people who feed stupid theories to voters. I can’t fully transmit the kind of slang he used but it was hardcore.

6 thoughts on “Nasty, Miserable People”

  1. I guess I should be all upset about the current political insanity, but I find it HILARIOUS that Trump is telling Americans that Putin wants the Democrats to defeat him, and Putin is telling the Russians that he wants the Republicans to win. 🙂 🙂


    1. Жалкие, ничтожные люди. Obviously a quote. But the part I loved was when he said that “они впаривают народу.”


        1. It’s a quote from a famous work of Russian literature. But I was referring to words like “впаривают,” which is a type of gutter slang one doesn’t expect from a head of state. It’s not an isolated case. Putin always talks like this. To give an analogy, it’s as if Obama started talking like the characters in The Wire in order to sound more cute.


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