Active Shooter Training

Police is conducting an active shooter training on our campus next week. It will take two whole days and areas of campus will be locked down. The local PD and the local firefighters will participate, as well as the US Customs police. I’m not sure what the federal Customs police have to do with it.

3 thoughts on “Active Shooter Training

  1. “active shooter training”

    Is this just police exercising? If so, it sounds like a great time to stay well away from campus.

    Or are they trying to add ‘law enforcement’ to you other duties?


    1. No, it’s just the police training. And it’s a good thing because our police are very sleepy and relaxed. I was wondering about the Customs agency because it seems out of place.


  2. University of Delaware hosts frequent active shooter scenario training events. Fortunately, they are presently held in and around condemned dormitory buildings. Once these buildings are demolished, I suppose we will have this kind of thing to look forward to.


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