This is the prime example of the scary kookazoids I’m talking about. She could be straight from the Komsomol leadership seminars.

I’m terrified of these creeps.

2 thoughts on “Kookazoids

  1. Having never been to a Komsomol leadership seminar, that’s a metaphor to which I can’t relate. However, I can relate to the writer is a weird way. I grew up in Kentucky, and did my damnedest to get rid of my southern accent as early as possible. Americans like to stereotype others, and accents help them do that. So I understand wanting to have a neutral voice and ooze self-confidence in selling situations. That’s what one does to be successful. Do I think of it as a “white voice”? Not really, but then I’m white.

    Over the last few years, we’ve established that Americans are capable of anything, including the lowest forms of behavior. We can do purges, we can lynch, we can do concentration camps. A good portion of the US population are sheep and would gladly appoint Trump as dictator for life given the option. And they would purge everyone in the country with an accent, citizen status or not. ICE has deported American citizens without checking their credentials.

    And the professor who sheepishly proposes that students learn to do whatever the government wants? Isn’t that what Hitler and Stalin wanted?

    So I differ on the critique of this writer. I don’t think she has thought through what she wants to say, but there are reasonable points being raised.

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  2. By the way, I do think massive violence is in our future. Not sure what the catalyst will be. Sherman was right about the risk of learning to “love war too much,” but the less of WWI was that people who are not directly exposed to violence learn to romanticize and welcome it — hence the celebrations when that war started. The segregation of violence into a professional army, which didn’t exist until after Nam, has removed exposure to it from most Americans, and that’s creating a welcoming environment. Let’s go fight; it will be over before the leaves fall. There’s no other way to explain the romanticization of owning guns that exists here now.

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