Good Goodie Bags

I finally understood how the brilliant idea of giving kids goodie bags at the end of birthday parties was invented.

“It’s time to go home. The party is over.”

“I’m not going home!!! I want to stay here with my friend Nora!!! I love Nora!!!! I’m not going! I’m not leaving my Nora!!!!! Don’t take me away from my Nora!!!!!!!”

“We get a bag with gifts and treats when we leave.”

“Bye bye, Nora! I got to go now.”

4 thoughts on “Good Goodie Bags

  1. In my experience, it also smooths over the part of some parties where the birthday kid starts opening presents.


  2. Yup! Whilst I liked goodie bags as a kid, I did not appreciate their genius until I had my own children 😀


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