Sleeping Arrangements

So what do people do for sleeping arrangements when traveling with a toddler? Klara is tall for her age group, and she won’t fit into hotel-provided cribs any more. We tried putting her in a large hotel bed, but she rolls off and falls on the floor.

Has anybody found a product they have used for this purpose?

Please don’t suggest putting her in our bed between us because going to bed at 8 pm and book-ending a toddler in the dark and in silence for 13 hours isn’t our idea of fun. Plus, there’s also a daytime nap. Our parenting philosophy is that mommy and daddy are human beings with a life outside of parenthood.

10 thoughts on “Sleeping Arrangements”

  1. Yes! They are called bed rails. They are simple to assemble.
    Here’s an example.
    And another:
    Alternatively, we pull armchairs close to the kid’s bed so s/he rolls into it and not the floor. But the bed rail is a cheap and easy fix, albeit somewhat unwieldy for air travel (you can disassemble, but still it’s a bit to carry).


  2. We always used trundle beds. They’re low to the ground, and usually roll out from under one of the larger beds. They’re also smaller than the big beds. You do have to request it, but most if not all hotels have them.


    1. Seconding the pool noodle idea, although pillows usually work for us. But I’m guessing it depends on how much your kid turns at night.


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