Bed Talk

So, folks, help me solve a mystery that’s been haunting me for years. Look at this bed:

I go to the store to admire this beautiful blanket. Or what do you call it, duvet? It looks great. But here’s my question. How do you wash it? It’s obviously not meant to go in a duvet cover. But then how do you get it clean? Do you stuck it in the washer once a week?

The beautiful gray thing with flounces is not detachable, I checked. And all of the display beds have this type of duvet, so I’m guessing it’s used a lot.

9 thoughts on “Bed Talk”

  1. Every piece of fabric sold in this country (clothing, pillows, blankets, scarves, sheets, whatever) will have care tags on them. That should tell you how the manufacturer wants the item cleaned.


      1. This would be a fancy comforter. It never gets in contact with the body directly; there’s a flat sheet underneath it which folds over the comforter top (you can see the flat sheet folded over the top of the comforter in the picture you posted; it is similar in color to the comforter). The flat sheet gets washed weekly or however often you wash the fitted sheet and the pillow cases. The comforter itself doesn’t get washed all that often; we have a summer one and a winter one, and they get washed maybe once every couple of months when in use.


        1. ^ this is the answer. This style of comforter is meant to be used with a flat sheet so that it doesn’t have to be washed very often.


            1. Why can’s you get one? You lie between the fitted sheet (which covers the mattress) and the flat sheet that is underneath the comforter and folded over its top. Your body is in contact with only the sheets you wash often (flat, fitted, pillow cases); the frilly comforter on top gives the bed the nice look you want and doesn’t require (or withstand) weekly washing.


              1. It’s a cultural thing. I can’t sleep in this arrangement. Many of us travel with our own duvet covers because we can’t fall asleep under a folded sheet. It shifts! And you don’t know which of the previous hotel guest’s body parts touched the blanket that is probably never washed.


  2. Alternatively, the comforter is for show only. You fold it down to the bottom of the bed every night and sleep under a top sheet and blankets (the blankets can get washed far more frequently than the comforter, but don’t need a weekly wash like the sheets). Then in the morning, you spread it out again as the last stage of making the bed.


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